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Emergency Management

Focus on the safety of your people and property.

New Zealand’s Leading Emergency Management Supplier

In September 2019, RiskLogic officially merged with the First Five Group, making us the largest, leading supplier of Emergency Management solutions in the southern hemisphere. We provide a range of highly practical Emergency Response training, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management services and technology to compliance-driven organisations and larger critical incident response environments. This is done through our highly experienced professional trainers and consultants whose solutions drive continual performance and prepardeness. Organisations, people, property and communities receive award-winning and tailoured solutions to build a more resilient future.

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RiskLogic has been privileged to hire leading industry experts across Australia and New Zealand for the last 14 years. These people include qualified and certified trainers and consultants, technology experts and even senior firemen who dedicate their spare time to our clients. An obligation free discussion with them can make all the difference.

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CIMS Training & Accreditation

Conceived in 1996, the CIMS program was the results of a large meeting between representatives from the New Zealand Police, New Zealand Fire Service, the National Rural Fire Authority, New Zealand Ambulance Board, Civil Defence, local government, New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand Forest Owners Association and the Department of Conservation to enforce universal best practices during any event within New Zealand.

To ensure efficient and dedicated qualification and training for your organisation, RiskLogic has set aside a full program for a variety of organisations and situations. With easily adopted scheduling, locations and fully trained consultants, your organisation can have CIMS implemented companywide within a few months.

Training is now provided by a small number of public sector, commercial organisations, and NZQA private training establishments. CIMS 2 is widely available from several vendors while CIMS 4 can only be delivered as a multi-agency course. With RiskLogic, you will receive:

  • CIMS 2 & 4 options
  • Fulltime trainer and consultant
  • Review and accreditation of CIMS to your selected team
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Our Approach


Step 1

Stakeholder Engagement
Critical Incident Workshop
Plan Framework
CIM Plan and Field Plan


Step 2

Awareness Traning
Stakeholders Communication
Management Training


Step 3

Exercise Strategy
Scenario and Run Sheets
Scenario Facilitation
Debrief and Reporting


Step 4

Annual Reviewing
Annual Training
Annual Exercising

Practical And Compliant Support:

  • Program Reviews
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Establishment of emergency control organisations (warden teams)
  • Emergency evacuation diagrams and building signage
  • Chief Warden, Warden and Communications training
  • Emergency Planning Committee and occupant awareness training
  • First Attack Fire Fighting and Live-fire BullEx training
  • Evacuation and lockdown drills
  • On-line training and tools
  • On-site safety inspections
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RiskLogic’s Training Capability

RiskLogic has extensive training expertise and a long history in corporate and emergency service environments. We maintain a highly skilled training team with the ability to deliver face-to-face and online e-Learning training courses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Emergency Response Training, Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery form a part of it.

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Introducing activate, a game-changing online platform and mobile app that fundamentally improves the way organisations manage their emergency program and respond to emergency events. Activate enables greater control and simplified management of your sites and faster coordination, tracking and communication when responding to emergencies.

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