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RiskLogic Announce Nationwide Conference with Aon

Download the event brochure here. 

In a fast-paced world like ours, it can be challenging to make sure we have effective procedures in place to protect our organisations. Insurance capabilities, Incident Management, and personal response techniques all need to be practised at least every six months, yet the thought of where to start on such a task can be daunting.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has reported a 7% increase in gross earned premiums over the year to September 2017, reaching $9.3 billion, whereas gross claims increased by 52% to just under $8.2 billion over the same period. The report suggests that increases in claims expenses associated with the November Kaikoura earthquake and several significant weather-related events in 2017 have reduced profit margins for a host of general insurers.

After comprehensive review and research into the steps organisations need to take, it’s become obvious that ‘being insured’ isn’t enough. A full continuity life-cycle is necessary.

That’s why, from June 19th, RiskLogic is partnering up with the countries leading insurance provider, Aon to bring you comprehensive and exclusive steps on how to consider a new type of lifecycle – one that has you prepared in all circumstances.

What we identified

It was recorded in a recent study by RiskLogic that one of five top search results for New Zealand organisations was “Do I need a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to get Insurance?” There is clear interest in the journey of aligning both your insurance policy and BCP to your overall organisational resilience. However, this task is rarely carried out due to its complex nature and having to usually talk to two separate parties for support, arranging meetings and cross over strategies and procedures.

With the markets becoming more technical thanks to data analytics, influence and recent, noticeable losses, it’s important to understand when you should be implementing either a conversation with Aon after an event for insurance cover or initiating your BCP.

Aon is working with clients to improve understanding of risk and resilience to risk, and communicating this to the insurance markets, while RiskLogic works closely with Aon & their clients to provide a continuity & insurance lifecycle to follow. All bases are now covered through a partnership with your organisation in best interests.

When & Where

Aon & RiskLogic have scheduled in four events across the country, allowing all major cities and demographics to attend a location near to them.

Starting in Auckland, the event will make its way south through Wellington, Christchurch and finishing in Queenstown allowing southern based organisations to attend.

  • Auckland: 19th June Rydges Hotel
  • Wellington: 20th June Thornton Hotel
  • Christchurch: 21st June Novotel Hotel
  • Queenstown: 22nd June (venue TBC)

We have carefully selected venues that are easily accessible with good parking. Our events will host breakfast as well as an opportunity to network. For our Queenstown event, this will be held at lunchtime to allow time for travelling delegates. A beautiful lunch will be provided in front of one of the world’s most enjoyed townships.

Queenstown venue still to be confirmed. 

The Unique Workshops

Aon Insurance New Zealand

We know the importance; when it comes to looking after processes and implementations that directly affect your people and organisation, you only have one shot at getting it right. Business Continuity Programs can have a positive influence on insurers. It can reduce Business Interruption loss and shows organisation are invested in managing risk. The vital importance of knowledge and showing your stakeholders that you have invested time in understanding the threats, will help you maintain credibility and effectiveness when it counts.

As part of our unique event, we’re offering our delegates an opportunity to seek further information on the 3 areas explored in the first session. In these three workshops, delegates will be invited to attend one of three workshops on Insurance capability, Incident Management and Personal Response.

Here you will have an opportunity for 1-2-1 discussions and solutions relevant to your current processes from industry leading professionals.

Register Now

I would like to personally invite you and your team to join us at the Aon
& RiskLogic resilience event this June.


It is with great pleasure that we invite local organisations of New
Zealand to this unique event and to join us in dissecting the current
threat landscape.


You and your team are invited to participate in discussions about how we create a more resilient future for the country.


This will be a national event and a New Zealand first for RiskLogic who
welcome and promote our newly formed partnership with Aon.


I look forward to welcoming you to our event.

Daniel Shields, Joint Managing Director, RiskLogic. 

Each location has a limited number of tickets available and these are on sale today. By securing your spot, post event you will eligible for a consultation from our Senior Consultant on your BCP, a consultation from an Aon representative on insurance capabilities and knowledge as well as a chance to secure a free trial of CQCommand for your organisation.

Even in the hardest events, there are steps and implementations you can process to not only survive, but thrive. From June 19th, we’ll review the landscape in New Zealand and present steps you can take now to remain resilient.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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