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September 2018

Insurance and continuity lifecycle aon risklogic

Business Continuity Plan Validation | Day One

Presented and written in partnership with Aon New Zealand for the Insurance & Continuity Lifecycle series.  Over this week, RiskLogic will be sharing a snapshot overview of the findings, discussions and content that was shared at our three-city event this month. In each release, we accompany the article with a video overview. We will compile […]

Business Continuity RiskLogic in Prague Dimension Data

Business Continuity in Prague | Four key points

Written by NZ Country Manager, Brad Law and edited by Commercial Marketing manager, Ollie.  This week, we at RiskLogic found ourselves in the Czech Republic, Prague, continuing the work we had started with our new client the previous month in Bangalore, India. Although my client contact was the same, the team was new. Within five days, we had […]

RiskLogic New Zealand Welcomes Nick Ryan

Last week, RiskLogic introduced everyone to our new Junior Resilience Specialist, Mary Hampton. Her employment brought a great drive towards the consistent growth and innovation RiskLogic is looking to provide New Zealand, but it hasn’t stopped with Mary. We are now pleased to introduce you to Resilience Specialist, Nick Ryan. Although his position here in […]