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Incident Management

business continuity response incident management pyramid

The Incident Management Response Pyramid

By Brad Law | Senior Consultant & Country Manager. Pyramid designed by RiskLogic Since living and working in NZ and across Asia, all too often I see different terminology for what we do in the resilience space. Your incident management and my business continuity might be the same thing, we just call it something different. […]

New Zealand Earthquakes crisis management

Stimulating Interest Before a Crisis Event

Written by Brad Law, New Zealand Country Manager. On the 30th of October, New Zealand was again rocked by a 6.2 earthquake south-west of Taumaranui. This is nothing unusual for a Cantabrian, but my hotel in Wellington swaying and rolling certainly caused some beads of sweat. A few hours later after my first meeting of the […]

The buzz word: Denial | Day three

Source: Oxford Dictionary – Denial: The action of denying something / [count noun] A statement that something is not true / The refusal of something requested or desired. It took two massive earthquakes to wake up New Zealand to the realities of natural disasters. Almost all professionals we meet, share the same key worry surrounding […]

resilience the horn risklogic business continuity emergency management

Netflix’s ‘The Horn’: the Epitome of Resilience

Written by Commercial Marketing Manager Ollie Law in collaboration with Country Manager, Brad Law. Please note, this article contains subtle spoilers on the Netflix documentary, The Horn. At our RiskLogic sessions on Business Continuity, Emergency or Crisis Management training, we usually ask what our classes summary on resilience is. Personal experiences mixed with what they’ve […]