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Cybersecurity: Not Just an IT Issue

It seems nowadays that just about everyone has technology making their lives easier (or worse). You can paint a masterpiece with your finger via an app on your phone, and then tag the astronauts on the ISS from your lounge or even become an overnight sensation just by wearing a Star Wars mask. So when […]

BCI New Zealand Forum

RiskLogic to Lead First BCI South Island Forum

Register here: Over the last few months, NZ Country Manager & Senior Consultant, Brad Law and his Commercial Marketing Manager Ollie Law have been working with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), Donna Bridgman of GHD and Rob Ruiter or Chorus to develop and run the first South Island (New Zealand) forum event. RiskLogic & BCI […]

Internal Theft Money Fraud

Internal Theft: The Price of Money Fraud

Resource on this article: In the retail sector, many larger suppliers will set aside a huge chunk of revenue for the loss of stock. In some cases, this amount is in its millions per year and covers such events as damage on delivery, acts of god, faulty and theft. It also covers internal theft which […]

Criminal Investigation New Zealand

Criminal Investigation within The Workplace

Criminal Investigations within an organisation tend to be on the far side of the spectrum when it comes to a crisis, but their importance to your resilience planning is equal to anything else you should consider. In New Zealand alone, there have been 267,465 victimisations in 2017. Criminal Investigations cover many events such as staff […]

GDPR Information New Zealand Data Breach

These are The Numbers You Should Know

Rounding up our four weeks of coverage on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is due to take effect on 25th of May, 2018, RiskLogic has compiled some important numbers you should be taking into account for your cyber resilience. 2017 saw a substantial rise in worldwide scale cyberattacks with them starting as early […]


Workshop: How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

I’m pleased to announce RiskLogic’s next workshop for 2018 in partnership with the excellent guys at Veritas Investigations. This workshop is a unique session on managing criminal investigations internally and will focus on an introduction to internal investigations and employee disruption. It will then head straight into scenario exercise unique to New Zealand. You are […]

How to respond to a cyberattack

5 Tips on Responding to a Cyberattack

Last week, RiskLogic brought you the news on the GDPR Regulation that will affect any business or persons who hold European data. This new regulation, although positive for its subjects in question, could be a damaging change for businesses who have not implemented effective cybersecurity and data breach procedures. It’s being predicted that the EU […]