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FENZE Emergency Scheme and procedure New Zealand

Is Your Business Ready For The FENZ Emergency Scheme?

One year in for New Zealand’s updated fire and emergency regulations (FENZE Scheme & Procedure), how confident are you that your business has the right emergency procedures in place?   Evacuation schemes and procedures As of 1 July 2018, most New Zealand buildings must by law have an approved and managed evacuation scheme or procedure. […]

RiskLogic Lockdown webinar

Schools in Lockdown: How we move forward

A recording of this webinar and more information on the content discussed below, is found here. Our webinar scheduled for September 23rd at 10:30 am will see Brad Law and Cheryl Hambly of RiskLogic begin an important discussion off the back of the recent KPMG Schools Lockdown report. The team are proud to be supported […]

New Zealand lock down procedures

Lockdowns: New Zealand’s Latest Crisis

This short article follows the recent webinar RiskLogic Australia and our sister company, FirstAction presented on Emergency Management and response technology. The full webinar can be found here. Rowan Allsop, National Operations and Training Manager at FirstAction has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to lockdowns. During his interview in the recent webinar, Rowan […]

Nelson Fires New Zealand

The Nelson Fires Crisis

Too often do organisations find themselves subjected to another organisation’s (or individual’s) careless mistakes. For Nelson, it was supposedly a spark from some machinery in the wrong place at the wrong time. Due to a series of consistent and significant events in 2017, insurance providers paid out $280+ billion in pay-outs; the most expensive on […]

Crisis Management Program New Zealand

RiskLogic Releases the CQ Crisis Management Program

RiskLogic has been researching demographic activities and behaviours in the crisis management and business continuity fields and found that New Zealand organisations want simplified but effective programs at affordable prices. The three main wants we uncovered for a program are: Easy to adopt and maintain   Effective and relevant to the organisation   Affordable RiskLogic […]

Tactical & Strategic Response | Webinar Review

On November 21st and 28th, the team over at our Sydney HQ, conducted two webinars focused on the first crucial steps to a resilient organisation: tactical emergency management and strategic crisis response. RiskLogic has forecasted the need for dramatic change around how organisations manage the complex nature of events in 2019. There are many different […]

Civil defence text alert new zealand

How The Civil Defence Alert System Went

On Sunday November 25th, New Zealand experienced their own emergency alert system, like what Country Manager, Brad Law has discussed in one of his videos. The Ministry of Civil Defence tested their Emergency Mobile Alert System between 6 and 7 pm. It reportedly reached approximately 3 million phones, just 1.7 million shy of the total […]

RiskLogic New Zealand Welcomes Nick Ryan

Last week, RiskLogic introduced everyone to our new Junior Resilience Specialist, Mary Hampton. Her employment brought a great drive towards the consistent growth and innovation RiskLogic is looking to provide New Zealand, but it hasn’t stopped with Mary. We are now pleased to introduce you to Resilience Specialist, Nick Ryan. Although his position here in […]