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CIMS Training

Achieve CIMS 2 & CIMS 4 in less than two days.

10 Principles of CIMS

Our training is based off the ten principles that makes the program recognised across all of New Zealand. Common Structure, Roles and Responsibilities; Terminology; Modular & Scalable; Responsive to Community; Coordination; Information Management; Action Planning; Resouce Coordination; Designated Response; Span of Control. All of this covered in one day.


CIMS Foundation

People credited with this unit standard are able to describe the role & purpose of CIMS while demonstrating knowledge of the elements, terminology, and structure of CIMS, incident control procedures and operating environments.


Demonstrate Knowledge of Related Roles & Processes | Unit 29553 & 29554

This unit standard is for people whose role requires operational knowledge of the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) framework. It’s considered a progression on CIMS 2.


Comprehensive Training on all Processes | Both unit standards achieved


A full end to end course supplying training for individual staff, functions and contractors over both CIMS 2 & 4. This is designed to engage and build a culture around incident management & emergencies.

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What is CIMS?

The New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System describes how New Zealand agencies coordinate, command, and control incident response of any scale, how the response can be structured, and the relationships between the respective CIMS foundations and between the levels of response. Developed in 1998, it aims to provide a framework so agencies can coordinate and cooperate effectively in a responde. Based off the Australian AIIMS program, it enables agencies to develop their own processes, procedures and training for the execution of CIMS and effective disaster recovery.

What is CIMS?
Why should I get CIMS?

Why more are getting CIMS

Although New Zealand is generally positive with Emergency Management, the country is now seeing mor significant events than ever before. Clear direction on what courses and training should be adopted by organisations is vague. With CIMS, leadership teams are able to introduce a new resilience culuture that is backed by government and used by emergency services, helping to provide a higher level of confidence.

The Benefits of  CIMS Training

As well as now being pushed by government as a requirement for New Zealand organisations to obtain, this training provides the opportunity for people to manage emergencies and non-emergency situations confidently with regulated training. It brings coordinated control and confidence to your people, drastically improving the culture and preparedness of an emergency.


With a Controller, Response Manager, technical experts and advisors, a team can gather responsibilities, set objectives and direct a response confidently.


Intelligence is the function responsible for the collection and analyse of response information. Continuing from that situational awareness, our training allows you to understand its importance.


Action plans that are developed need to align to contingency plans and long-term objectives within your organisation. We assist in effective planning and transitions to recovery.


How your CIMS training and program fits into your day to day organisation is important and often overlooked. We will develop confident techniques to build a culture and the ability to coordinate a response.


Logistical planning provides and tracks resources to support the response. Logistic planning during your CIMS training provides the knowledge of how to handle information overload and facts vs assumptions.


Also known as PIM, this correctly informs the public & media about the incident and the response in a way that won’t damage reputation. You will leave this training with better techniques & confidence.


Nothing is more important than your people. Our training here aligns to the active response or an emergency with post-event effects in mind, using our own case studies to help.

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Corperate & Partner Packages

Many of our CIMS clients are part of wider programs and contracts that use involve other suppliers. To maintain compliance and a standard best practice within the contract, there is often a need for cross-functional CIMS training. We have listened to this feedback and now provide completely tailoured and unique courses that align to your requirements, at no extra cost.

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Business CIMS training
Individual CIMS Training Courses

Individual CIMS Training

Many varieties of organisations across New Zealand now understand the importance of their team being trained and practicing best practice. This means that often small teams or new starters require training at late notice. We now offer a date, location and trainer on a specific date, each month for any delegates to jump on to at their own pace.

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CIMS 2 | $370pp

Describe role and purpose of CIMS

Demonstrate knowledge elements & terminology

Incident Control Procedures

CIMS 4 | $370pp

Knowledge of interrelated functions of CIMS

Control functions responsibilities in incidents

Description and knowledge of other IMT functions

Corporate Programs | Quoted

More than 5 attendees from one organisation

CIMS 2 & 4 Training (discounted)

Case studies and praciticing of events

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We also provide the opportunity for individuals to obtain CIMS 2 & 4 in one sitting. This is priced at $720 per person.

Why choose us?

With significant events hitting our shores in the last 12 months, CIMS has become a popular and necessary standard for many professionals. With such demand comes a sudden influx of trainers providing insufficient courses. We’re different, our trainers are awarded consultants, senior professionals, and developers of resilience programs across NZ. We live & breathe the case studies you’ll study in this course – keeping it relevant and interesting.

Emergency Management

Understand how CIMS fits into your Emergency Preparedness. Develop a program today.