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CQ Crisis Management Program | Be Crisis Ready.

Being crisis ready is now an every day necessity. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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Introducing CQC, a trilogy of leading crisis management services forged from years of real-world experience. Purpose-built to help you easily and cost effectively build your crisis management program, readiness and resilience.

The CQ Crisis Management Program will help you build the tools, team capability and organisational resilience to deal with any eventuality that occurs in New Zealand; ensuring clear oversight on your business impact analysis. 

With no upfront cost, the CQ Crisis Management Program has been designed to assist New Zealand organisation maximise their effectiveness and build engagement internally through effective training & exercise.

Straight forward Crisis Management in three easy steps

The Programs Dissected

Today every organisation is expected to be prepared for any eventuality; being crisis ready is now a commercial necessity.

Introducing CQ, a trilogy of leading crisis management services forged from year’s of real world experience and purpose built to help you easily and cost effectively build your crisis readiness. The CQ Crisis Program will help you build the tools, team capability and organisational experience to deal with any eventuality.

Access Your Online Toolkit.

Every organisation needs a smart, structured approach for managing crisis events, and more importantly the tools to execute a plan under pressure. Introducing CQCommand, the first online tool that empowers you to make the right business decisions during a crisis. CQCommand helps your management team to:

Proactively Manage Crisis Events

Create, coordinate and track crisis activities across your organisation.

Develop Situational Awareness

Assess the severity & impacts of the event while monitoring social media & news.

Collaborate and Communicate

Manage real-time interaction with your teams, suppliers and customers.

CQ Scenario Exercises
Experience the Realties of a Crisis.

Short of a real incident, the only way to build confidence
in your ability to manage a crisis is through realistic hands-on scenario exercises.

CQ Scenario Exercises provide an unmatched environment to immerse teams in the realities of a crisis situation. We help to build a simulated crisis that reflects the realistic escalation of issues and the changing nature of events, uniquely crafted to your organisation’s operations. We use phone calls, messaging, newsfeeds, social media and human interactions to ensure a comprehensive and unforgettable learning experience for participants.

CQ Scenario Exercises will help you to:

  • Identify areas of program improvement
  • Familiarise teams with their roles and toolsets
  • Significantly increase program engagement
  • Provide independent assurance of your capability

CQ Crisis Leadership
Build Lasting Team Capability.

The CQ Crisis Leadership Program is an industry first crisis management training course targeted at leadership teams. Designed to develop the crisis capabilities of managers, it builds awareness, critical skills and leadership capabilities using the latest experiential learning techniques. It’s about developing Crisis Intelligence.

Training incorporates leading edge research in crisis response, media management, organisational psychology, leadership, critical incident stress and other key disciplines, including interactive case studies of major crisis situations impacting local and overseas organisations. Course are tailored for each client with key topics including:

  • Fundamentals of crisis management
  • Planning for a crisis
  • The crisis leader
  • Decision making under stress
  • Crisis communication
  • Human aspects of a crisis
  • Personal resilience
  • Assessing crisis impacts
  • Stakeholder management
  • Media management

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Get started today comes with no upfront costs.

By having our conversation with our Country Manager today, you can have the CQ Crisis Management Program tailored to your unique requirements from only $999 NZD per month, on a 36-month program.

Your organisation will benefit from:

  • access to CQCommand for 5 users
  • 1x annual 3-hour Crisis Leadership session
  • 1x annual 3-hour Crisis Scenario Exercise.

All with support from our Resilience Specialists and Senior Consultant. This game-changing program now makes it easy for any organisation to become resilient and compliant in record time.

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