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Crisis Management Survey

A 2019 Snapshot by Catalyst Technologies

Leaders today are arguably facing one of the most uncertain economic, political and social landscapes of recent history. 2019 has already proven to be a year of unexpected change with major crisis events unfolding that have shaped both our local communities and global economy. Since April 2019, RiskLogic and Catalyst Technologies (RiskLogic’s sister technology company) surveyed over 70 organisations and clients through Australia and New Zealand to provide a deeper understanding of their crisis management challenges we’re all facing and to better prepare for a major crisis.

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What is in the report


A detailed analysis on how many organisations experienced a crisis in the last 12 months and what the impacts were.


A look at what is of concern to most organisations and what leadership teams perceive as being the impacts.


What are the common crisis management challenges organisations face and what are the statistics on this on combating them.


How many organisations utilise technology tools to management a crisis and what are the results? This is where the report looks into its effectiveness.


A look at who contributed to this survey, what their job roles are and the industry they’re in to provide an opportunity to match our participants to your people.

Josh Shields Headshot

We understand that every organisatoin is unique, faced with their own set of challenges and opportunities under the pressure of a crisis. We sincerely appreciate the time taken to respond to the survey which has allowed us to benchmark different industries, identify key challenges and help us continue to build a resilient future for clients.

Joshua Shields
CEO & Founder
Catalyst Technologies

Daniel Muchow Head of Cyber Consulting RiskLogic

The increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and the growing attack surface has created a perfect storm. Business leaders cannot ignore and delegate cyber security anymore.

Daniel Muchow
Head of Cyber Consulting

Download the survey snapshot report today and better understand the importance of Crisis Management across Australian and New Zealand organisations. This free resource provides detailed analysis on what should be considering as we go into the new year.

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Catalyst Technologies Crisis Management

Catalyst Technologies is an Australian software company that develops technology solutions to provide organisations a smarter way to manage a crisis or critical incident event. They’re best known for the award-winning crisis management platform, CQCommand. You can trial this simple but comprehensive tool today by reaching out to the RiskLogic team.