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Crisis Management Programs

Plan, Review, Train and Validate

It all starts with crisis intelligence.

At its highest level, an organisation can have effective response and management of a significant crisis or incident by being mature in this area. But many New Zealand businesses fail to adopt good Crisis Management.

Prompt and intelligent decision making via a crisis management program can often limit the potential reputational damage, financial implications and legal liability to the organisation and its stakeholders. This effectiveness starts with validating your team through crisis management training.

RiskLogic’s crisis management services are uniquely designed to develop the highest degree of leadership competency and build strong organisational capability.

Our Approach Crisis Management Programs


Step 1

Crisis Team Activation
Assessment Tools
Action Plan

Leadership Training

Step 2

Crisis Fundamentals
Incident Assessments
Organisational Toolsets

Scenario Exercises

Step 3

Exercise Strategy
Scenario and Run Sheets
Scenario Facilitation
Debrief and Reporting

Continual Improvement

Step 4

Annual Reviewing
Annual Training
Annual Exercising
Assurance Statement

Our Crisis Management Consultancy includes:

  • Program reviews
  • Strategic program alignment with business objectives
  • Crisis management strategy and plan development
  • Crisis management team structures
  • Communication and media protocols
  • Crisis leadership training programs
  • Crisis management scenario exercise programs
  • Annual assurance programs
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crisis management technology cqcommand

At RiskLogic, we’ve used our years of experience delivering tried and tested crisis management solutions which include crisis resilience training and relevant procedures to create a game changer. CQCommand allows you to rally your management team and provide a step-by-step list of actions and tools to help you make the right decisions when it matters most.

Our Other Key Resilience Areas

We tie everything offer into simple solutions. If you need more than crisis management to obtain a full resilience program, speak to us.