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Emergency Management

Focus on the safety of your people and property.


Get to know our sister company.

RiskLogic provides a range of highly practical Emergency Response training, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management services to compliance-driven organisations and larger critical incident response environments. This is done through our sister company, FirstAction whose solutions drive continual performance in Emergency Management to ensure the highest level protection for organisations, people, property and communities. FirstAction provides easy-to-use Emergency Planning and Response Programs designed to assist building owners, managers and employers fulfil their legal and compliance obligations and provide a safe environment for employees and building occupants.

Our Approach


Step 1

Stakeholder Engagement
Critical Incident Workshop
Plan Framework
CIM Plan and Field Plan


Step 2

Awareness Traning
Stakeholders Communication
Management Training


Step 3

Exercise Strategy
Scenario and Run Sheets
Scenario Facilitation
Debrief and Reporting


Step 4

Annual Reviewing
Annual Training
Annual Exercising

RiskLogic Provides Practical And Compliant Support In The Following Areas:

  • Program Reviews
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Establishment of emergency control organisations (warden teams)
  • Emergency evacuation diagrams and building signage
  • Chief Warden, Warden and Communications training
  • Emergency Planning Committee and occupant awareness training
  • First Attack Fire Fighting and Live-fire BullEx training
  • Evacuation and lockdown drills
  • On-line training and tools
  • On-site safety inspections

RiskLogic’s Training Capability

RiskLogic has extensive training expertise and a long history in corporate and emergency service environments. We maintain a highly skilled training team with the ability to deliver face-to-face and online e-Learning training courses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Emergency Response Training, Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery form a part of it.



Introducing activate, a game-changing online platform and mobile app that fundamentally improves the way organisations manage their emergency program and respond to emergency events. Activate enables greater control and simplified management of your sites and faster coordination, tracking and communication when responding to emergencies.