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Free Lockdown Templates

Complimentary Resource from our people to yours.

Being Locked Down During COVID-19

Is your organisation currently in self-isolation and working from home due to the effects of COVID-19? We have dedicated material and resource for this that’s updated daily. You can start by reviewing our Pandemic Response Phases below.

For any advice or help

with our Incident & lockdown templates, please call our office on 0800 003 453 (obligation free) and ask for the New Zealand Country Manager, Brad Law.

Your Free Lockdown Templates

We’re providing four assets for you and your people to download today.
Please note: these templates are not specific to COVID-19. They were shared off the back of the March 15th attacks. For COVID related material, click here.

Download Here

Lockdown Process


Provide this to your staff so that everyone understands what they should be doing in a lockdown. Obtain the uniformity of a comprehensive lockdown procedure.

Active Armed Offender


Build awareness and a culture of resilience and preparedness by implementing straight-forward steps. Download our poster providing quick steps and solutions.

Post-Incident Review


Download this checklist to accompany you to do your critical reviews, interviews for staff and identify what was done well and not so well during an event.

CQ Crisis Program


A short brochure on RiskLogic’s new service offering that has been used repeatedly for New Zealand organisations post-March 15th. Utilise major touch points in one program.

“Lockdown” no longer a foreign word in New Zealand

The tragic events of Friday 15th March have added a word to New Zealand’s vocabulary: Lockdown.

The term has generally been foreign to New Zealanders, something we heard in news reports about incidents at schools or universities in the United States. But sadly, that has now changed and businesses are rightly asking themselves – how robust are our lockdown procedures and are they well rehearsed?

The lockdown of Christchurch was swift and effective and we have no doubt that it saved lives. Clear communication at a time of mass confusion and panic was effective in keeping people away from the danger areas while the gunman was still on the loose.

But how easy is it to lockdown a city? It sounds simple – everyone just has to stay inside, lock the doors, take shelter and listen to the news, right? But there are so many things going on in the daily life of a city that make it so much more complex than this.

The really difficult one is schools. Locking all your students in classrooms when there is danger nearby is one thing. But convincing worried parents to stay away from the school is extremely difficult. It relies on quick, clear and regular communication that reaches 100% of the parents and explains why coming to school could put themselves and their child in greater danger.

For businesses and universities, maintaining an effective lockdown is difficult when you can’t force people to stay. They need robust procedures and be 100% clear on where their duty of care starts and stops.

Our Support

As a small way of supporting the people and businesses of New Zealand, we are making available our Lockdown Procedures template and a Best-Practice checklist for running a Post Incident Review.

We have fine-tuned these documents over 15 years of working in crisis and emergency management in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. So if you are currently asking yourself how your workplace or organisation can be more prepared, we recommend you make full use of them.


School or in the education sector?

We’ve compiled FAQs, downloadable templates, articles and a full webinar with our advice and best practice techniques for lockdowns and emergencies. This is specific for education and provides actionable steps right now.

Key Resilience Areas to Consider

As you and your people progress through these challenging times, it’s important to consider the next step to remain resilient.
RiskLogic provides solutions to all key resilient areas. View these below.

How did you go?

Book a time to talk. Often, speaking with a senior specialist who has dealt with many serious crisis events (including ones directly affecting clients), can make all the difference. Our head office is in Christchurch, we know first-hand the challenges people are going through.

RiskLogic’s Country Manager is regularly travelling around New Zealand and welcomes anyone who needs advice, action plans or his take on an event like this.