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Schools in Lockdown: How we move forward

A recording of this webinar and more information on the content discussed below, is found here.

Our webinar scheduled for September 23rd at 10:30 am will see Brad Law and Cheryl Hambly of RiskLogic begin an important discussion off the back of the recent KPMG Schools Lockdown report. The team are proud to be supported by Principal Blair Dravitski of Linwood Avenue School during this panel review, hosted by New Zealand’s Commercial Marketing Manager, Ollie Law.

Blair found himself and his school front and centre hours after the second shootings began in Linwood Mosque; only a mere 300 metre away from his school. It was Linwood Avenue School that first reported going into lockdown. The proximity, and the calm, collected nature of Blair made him such a credible image for many media outlets. He has mentioned frequently how the idea of lockdown wasn’t all that alien to him, reporting how he would practice these in his previous, North Island based school and even going into lockdown for 8 hours at this school.

Blair Dravitski on news talking about lockdown
KPMG Lockdown review by RiskLogic

Breaking down the report

In our thirty-minute webinar, the panel will pull key parts of the report, align these to reported case studies (both from Blair and active RiskLogic clients) and begin sharing steps to begin learning and mitigating from them.

An 84-page review, covering over 700 schools (301 replies) in an audit is overwhelming for anyone. It fails to bring with it a unique and personal connection to the individuals and their situations which often causes more questions than answers once shared.

RiskLogic conducted a handful of phone calls and emails to understand the reaction and found that over three quarters of the schools contacted were “waiting for the next steps”.

Credit to KPMG is due in the simplicity and presentation of this report. However, they were not engaged to then supply solutions. Despite the report being open to the public for over a month now, no significant solutions have been shared.

Our objective off the back of the March 15th attack is to now supply easy to understand, credible and tested solutions to your problems. This starts with our children.


What are the issues?

The report identified some key area of concern. These include:

  • People/Staff/Children/Stakeholder welfare.
  • Mass & Crisis Communications.
  • The use and adoption of technology to communicate.
  • Effective situational awareness.
  • Training & Exercise (lockdown drill specifically).

What are the timescales?

The “suggested next steps” from KPMG’s report covers the Ministry of Education’s movements, the Schools and Education’s plans, and NZ Police & joint organisations strategies. It stretches from July 2019 through to December 2020 totalling 18 months of work to achieve the reports requested updates.

It requests that schools in the Canterbury region complete reviews, training and the engagement of external agencies by March 2020.  As seen before, this may bring with it governmental regulation once complete.

Our advice

The webinar on the 23rd of September is concentrated and directed solely to the education sector, teachers and principals. It will understand and target the pain-points leaders are currently facing allowing our delegates to ask anonymous questions during. This aims to build a picture of the next steps for schools across New Zealand.

We will summarise the webinar in a downloadable document, suggesting some advice going forward and a lockdown checklist.

A short survey will also be sent to gauge interest in attending another webinar or workshop continuing the discussion.

Running a drill with your students

A significant number of principals RiskLogic contacted state their number one concern is running another drill with their students, possibly causing more trauma.

To answer this, we will focus on the review and training of your people. For example, considering who really needs to be trained and put through a drill. Students generally do as they’re told during an event, but it’s the teachers, staff and parents who often struggle. If panic and chaos drown a half-finished plan, you will lose control fast. It’s principals like Blair Dravitski who understand this first-hand.

We’ll give you steps now that can guide you to plan these exercises and how to build a strong culture with your staff and even parents and caregivers.

Our speakers

Cheryl Hambly
National Operations Manager | Resilience Services

For the past twelve years, Cheryl has delivered highly successful Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Critical Incident Management and Emergency Management programs for RiskLogic clients.  Her experience transfers well to schools she has worked with in Australia who include, Australian Islamic School, St Catherines, Pymble Ladies College, Al Taqwa to name a few.

Cheryl has over 20 years’ experience in the resilience industry giving her a unique set of skills in analysis, planning, coordination and implementation of corporate and community safety and response programs.

The New Zealand team is privileged to have Cheryl engage in the lockdown review process and offer her expertise across the board to our team and New Zealand as a whole.

Brad Law
Country Manager | New Zealand

This webinar will also be joined by Brad Law, the New Zealand Country Manager for RiskLogic. Brad comes with a diverse and specialised knowledge set that was actively used during the March 15th shooting and multiple Earthquakes.

Brad’s experience ranges through crisis management and crisis communications, through to technology expertise and emergency management. He spent his afternoon on the 15th communicating with clients, setting up crisis control centres and controlling mass communications through our CM tool, CQCommand.

Blair Dravitski
Principle | Linwood Avenue School

Blair Dravitski has been in education for the last 15-years working in schools from Ashburton to Papatoetoe and is currently the principal of Linwood Avenue School. This is Blair’s second principalship after spending 3 years as principal of Ohakune Primary School in the Central North Island. Blair started at Linwood Avenue School in October 2016 and has the seen the roll grow from 300 to 460 over his time in the role.

Linwood Avenue School was the first school to go into lockdown on March 15th, and is located approximately 350m from the Linwood Avenue Mosque. However, this was Blair’s second experience in lockdown after previously initiating one in Ohakune for 8 hours.

Ollie Law
Commercial Marketing Manager, New Zealand

Your host for this webinar will be Ollie Law who brings with him a personal connection to the webinar and topic with many friends either being teachers themselves, or having children in lockdown during the event. Ollie oversee’s much of the marketing and content that is shared and discussed in New Zealand. He will use your questions during the webinar to generate more relevant and valuable content for the audience.

You can register for the webinar here.

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