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lockdown covid-19

Why You Should Stop Telling Staff to “Lockdown”

In the last week, RiskLogic’s website spiked on search results for the keyword lockdown. And what do we typically associate the word lockdown within New Zealand and Australia? Probably the March 15th, Mosque shooting in Christchurch and the Lindt Café siege in Sydney. But is lockdown the correct terminology to use currently? What we’re dealing […]

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March 15th Christchurch one year on

Christchurch Shooting 2019 | A Year in Review

A transcript of the above video is below.    Ollie Law | It’s almost hard to believe it’s been twelve months since New Zealand went through arguably, its darkest day. While observing trends, we saw a ripple effect of panic around communities and organisations understanding on how to handle another terrorist attack, or even another […]

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COVID19 difference to 1918 spanish flu

COVID-19: Why This Is Different

Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO (The World Health Organisation) has now declared the COVID – 19 virus outbreak to be a pandemic. On March 9th, 2020, he also said that: …it would be the first pandemic in history that could be controlled. The great advantage we have is that the decisions […]

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Working from home policies new zealand

This Is What To Consider For A ‘Working From Home’ Policy

First things first: social distancing Not coming into the office due to illness, is a good move. Unfortunately, the stigma around calling in sick can turn some off, especially passionate staff. We as leaders need to make it clear that if staff are concerned, they can, and should stay home (and work there if they […]

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Recovery Response to novel coronavirus

Response and Recovery from the Novel Coronavirus

This article is written by Andy Wisheart who was a front line paramedic for 12 years before moving into the world of Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Emergency Management. He worked for 10 years in health emergency management and was involved in the health response to H1N1, as well as several measles outbreaks in the […]

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Infectious Disease Plans NZ

Novel Coronavirus: Understanding Infectious Disease Plans

In their recent webinar on Response considerations for the Novel Coronavirus (n-CoV), Simon Petie, RiskLogic’s Regional Manager made an important comment that sits as a vital consideration and reminder around Infectious Disease Plans: “Right now, in continental US…there is 180,000 confirmed cases of Influenza B and 10,000 deaths this flu season based off influence B. What […]

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Emergency Management Jobs New Zealand

Wanted: Emergency Management Facilitator & Trainer

Effective, experienced Emergency Management Professionals are few and far between in New Zealand. Those that have experience in front of large organisations, building programs and facilitating them to an industry recognised standard are a commodity. But it’s this unique breed we’re looking for in our new Emergency Management Facilitator role. RiskLogic New Zealand has grown […]

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CIMS Training for Businesses

CIMS Training for Businesses: A Breakdown

The release of our CIMS 2 & 4 training did not necessarily come from market demand for Emergency Management training or warden training. Although this course has always been the most searched for term in the Emergency Management category, Google seldom provides results for corporate and partner training programs. A corporate and partner training program […]

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Auckland Convention Fire

No Smoke Without Fire: The Auckland NZICC Crisis

At approximately 1pm on Tuesday the 22nd of October, a fire started in the (still under construction) 700 million-dollar New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC). Although the investigation into how and why the fire started could take up to another two weeks, it’s been alleged that a junior contract construction worker left a blow torch […]

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FENZE Emergency Scheme and procedure New Zealand

Is Your Business Ready For The FENZ Emergency Scheme?

One year in for New Zealand’s updated fire and emergency regulations (FENZE Scheme & Procedure), how confident are you that your business has the right emergency procedures in place?   Evacuation schemes and procedures As of 1 July 2018, most New Zealand buildings must by law have an approved and managed evacuation scheme or procedure. […]

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