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Cybersecurity: Not Just an IT Issue

It seems nowadays that just about everyone has technology making their lives easier (or worse). You can paint a masterpiece with your finger via an app on your phone, and then tag the astronauts on the ISS from your lounge or even become an overnight sensation just by wearing a Star Wars mask. So when […]

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NZX Cyber attack

NZX Cyber-attack Is A Timely Reminder

The disruptive and repetitive cyberattacks that hit the New Zealand Stock Exchange, MetService and Stuff Media over the last month is a timely reminder that other events don’t disappear during a pandemic. It is a timely reminder that our threat landscape is alive and kicking. Hackers do not care about COVID-19. In fact, they probably […]

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crisis management, human resource new zealand, human crisis

The Human Impact of a Crisis

Written by Brad Law, Country Manager New Zealand. Media and society encourage us to think more about the economic and structural damage of a crisis, than the human impact. It’s only natural that when coverage of a major event – like the Beirut explosion – occurs, we soon forget about the human impact this would […]

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The importance of Training and Exercise

If you follow the Business Continuity Lifecycle, (and we recommend that you do) then the professional practice of Validation is number six on the list. This implies that it’s the last phase and, in most instances, it is. Unfortunately, this may be the reason it often goes ignored, possibly due to budget constraints, resource or […]

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business continuity response incident management pyramid

The Incident Management Response Pyramid

By Brad Law | Senior Consultant & Country Manager. Pyramid designed by RiskLogic Since living and working in NZ and across Asia, all too often I see different terminology for what we do in the resilience space. Your incident management and my business continuity might be the same thing, we just call it something different. […]

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Pandemic Management for Manufacturers

Were Manufacturers Ready For This Crisis?

This article was originally published in 2017 and has been adapted for COVID19 in 2020. In the 2 years leading up to COVID-19, 80% of organisations surveyed in New Zealand had been subject to a disruptive incident due to unplanned IT and communications outages, adverse weather, and outsourced service failures. These unexpected incidents caused devastating […]

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COVID Complacency

The C Word: Complacency

New Zealand is not as isolated as we first hoped. A few weekends ago, I found myself enjoying another beating of the Auckland Blues professional rugby team by my Christchurch Crusaders. There are few things as satisfying as a fresh night out with some family, beers, and hot chips. It is made more special when […]

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Online Resilience Courses

Resilience Fundamentals Course | The Details

Enrol Today This virtual, six-week, 2-hour-per-session course is a comprehensive program for those interested in resilience best practice techniques. Designed by award-winning senior consultants, this online course will give you access to RiskLogic’s materials and resources and provide you with hands-on exercises and actionable steps for future events. You will leave prepared with the ability […]

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Recovery Phase COVID19

The Three R’s – Restore, Recover, and Review

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, made it very clear that businesses should use this period between Level 4 and 3 as a chance to prepare. Recover With the Government’s decision to move to Level 3 this coming Monday at 11:59 pm, we all need to prepare for a move towards the new normal. This […]

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lockdown covid-19

Why You Should Stop Telling Staff to “Lockdown”

In the last week, RiskLogic’s website spiked on search results for the keyword lockdown. And what do we typically associate the word lockdown within New Zealand and Australia? Probably the March 15th, Mosque shooting in Christchurch and the Lindt Café siege in Sydney. But is lockdown the correct terminology to use currently? What we’re dealing […]

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