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Pandemic Management

A supportive approach through the COVID-19 pandemic

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COVID-19: Where we are now

As organisations move into the management phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is paramount that they rapidly adapt to a new business-as-usual environment. This will help them stabilise the way they operate and provide predictable outcomes to employees, customers and other stakeholders, and better prepare for a phased recovery.

RiskLogic can provide dedicated COVID-19 support to your organisation including debriefing, COVID management and recovery planning, and risk reviews. Our tried and tested methodologies are scalable and adaptable to individual organisations and are compliant with all best practice and regulatory requirements.

Our pandemic management services are available on a contract basis, secondment or an hourly rate. Chat to us today to discuss a suitable option for your organisation.

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four phases of COVID-19

COVID-19 Response Phase Debrief

To get the best outcomes for your organisation as we progress through COVID-19, it is important to look back at how your organisation has responded to the emerging COVID-19 threat so far.

RiskLogic can facilitate a response phase debrief workshop and provide a report summarising:

  • Actions that were implemented to manage the impacts of COVID-19
  • Key learnings
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Recommended actions for strengthening resilience through the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic

A follow-up debrief can then be conducted prior to entering the recovery phase, followed by a post-incident review once we return to business-as-usual.

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Review of the threat landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the threat landscape for many organisations, making them either more susceptible to threats and less likely to withstand the negative impacts when something goes wrong.

RiskLogic can facilitate a workshop to review the new threat landscape, providing:

  • an overview of contextual factors that could change how your organisation may be impacted by relevant threats.
  • a heat map that provides a visual representation of how your threat profile has changed.
  • recommendations to help reduce areas of elevated risk caused by COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Management Plan

Developing a COVID-19 management plan will provide the structure and guidance organisations need to rapidly adapt to a ‘new normal’.

The RiskLogic COVID-19 management plan is specifically tailored to each organisation, using a pandemic overlay to bring together key elements of crisis management, business continuity, crisis communications and corporate governance in a practical action-oriented plan.

It helps leadership teams keep the focus on key priorities, including:

> Managing new incidents in a socially distanced environment;
> Continuity of critical operations;
> Communication with stakeholders;
> Preparing for recovery.

Phases of the COVID-19 pandemic

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CQ | Crisis Management Technology

The intuitive CQ crisis management technology unifies people to simplify your crisis process. Use CQ to quickly assess and escalate a crisis to get ahead of the situation; rapidly stand up a crisis response team; effectively communicate and collaborate with your stakeholders using two-way communications; and seamlessly coordinate and respond to a crisis by creating a single operating picture from anywhere in the world.

Brad Law | NZ Country Manager & Senior Consultant

The team and I have been privileged to support organisations and professionals just like you get through COVID-19. Your commitment and drive to get through this pandemic is something that we’ll recognise in the programs we lead. Every organisation is unique, and often a second opinion on how to move forward can make all the difference. If you’d find value in a discussion, follow the link directly to my diary below. Otherwise, we hope this new Pandemic Management Program will help you.