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Resilience Fundamentals Course | The Details

This virtual, six-week, 2-hour-per-session course is a comprehensive program for those interested in resilience best practice techniques. Designed by award-winning senior consultants, this online course will give you access to RiskLogic’s materials and resources and provide you with hands-on exercises and actionable steps for future events.

You will leave prepared with the ability to navigate tough crisis events, enhanced communication skills, an understanding of how to develop situational awareness, alongside how to develop your own organisation’s resilience programs.

This is the first time a course of this stature and detail has been available, and it comes in a timely manner as the world progresses through COVID-19.

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On June 30th, RiskLogic will begin an online course that is comprehensive in its nature but simplified in its delivery.

Delegates who register now will get the chance to experience the key fundamentals of resilience in 2020, including Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Incident Management, Crisis Communications, Situational Awareness Skills and Scenario Exercising. All within short, 2-hour segments.

The Premium seat of this course offers meaningful, one on one training and support between delegates and the facilitator. Delegates will have the opportunity to schedule time with a senior consultant to talk through their course progress and professional challenges (1-hour virtual calls, 3 in total)

The Standard seats will receive a high-level of engagement and support during the sessions as well as the practical’s but pay a lower fee for less engagement outside of the sessions.

Regardless of your seat, we will provide delegates with RiskLogic materials and resources often seen in our client’s resilience programs. To round out each session, RiskLogic will provide delegates with some practical assignments to reinforce the session’s learnings.

By the end of the six-week course, you will leave with usable resource covering all the key crisis, business continuity and incident management areas, as well as a 30-day trial on the award-winning, globally recognised critical event management tool, CQ. Our objective is to provide you with the tools, expertise, and confidence to handle a new-normal.

Spaces are limited to thirty seats – reservation is advised to avoid disappointment.

All this at a competitive rate of $1,500 NZD (the materials and hourly rate of a senior consultant are seldom costed lower than $5,000 for a standard program). Delegates save up to $3,600 by joining this course now.

A breakdown of the modules

Session 1 | The Fundamentals | June 30th, 12pm NZST

Fundamentals of incident management

After an introduction and icebreaker, Brad Law, New Zealand Senior Consultant and Country Manager will set the scene with the fundamentals of incident management.

Disruption preparedness
The whole world has been disrupted in a sudden and significant way. In this section, you will learn how to prepare for future disruptions to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

Pandemic Management & Cluster response
During the current global COVID-19 crisis, pandemic planning and response has become critical to organisations throughout the world. This session will introduce the 4 key phases of pandemic planning.

Resource provided: The Incident Response Lifecycle Pyramid

Session 2 | Program Management | July 7th, 12pm NZST

Program Management & Leadership Engagement
This session looks at the management and technical practices of the business continuity lifecycle. The session introduces the importance of having solid Policy and Program Management.

Managing the Threat Environment
As the COVID-19 incident develops, organisations must recognise the change in their threat environment. This session explores some of the changes to the threat landscape and actions to adapt.

Resource provided: 2020 Risk Matrix

Session 3 | Business Continuity | July 14th, 12pm NZST

Business Continuity in a COVID-19 Environment
To formulate an effective response in the COVID-19 incident, organisations must identify their critical functions. This session focuses on the 4 phases of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

How to do Business Continuity in a COVID-19 Environment
The COVID-19 incident sparked a worldwide response of a work from home strategy. The session will explore the different strategies available to organisations when implementing the design phase of the business continuity lifecycle.

Recourse provided: BIA Confirmation sheet

Session 4 | Incident Management Skillsets | July 21st, 12pm NZST

Decision making under crisis-induced stress
This session is an introduction to crisis management and will focus on the fundamentals of crisis management including crisis-induced stress, managing a crisis, characteristics of a crisis, and tactical vs strategic responses.

Building situational awareness
To be an effective response team, it is critical to develop situational awareness. This session will focus on information management and why it is important for developing situational awareness.

Resource provided: Impact Assessment Table

Session 5 | Crisis Communications | July 28th, 12pm NZST

Understanding drivers of poor crisis communications
A bad communications response can pour fuel on the fire and severely undermine an operational response. This session analyses the pitfalls and traps that many organisations fall into when communicating in a crisis. We learn from their mistakes and teach the three critical phases of crisis communications. This includes the five questions that need to be asked to determine the most effective communications strategy. We will go through this in detail during the session while providing a great case study.

Resource provided: Stress Indicator Matrix

Session 6 | Validation – Live Scenario Exercise | August 4th, 12pm NZST

Virtual Scenario Exercise by CQ: virtual response during a crisis
In this module, theory will be put into practice through a simulated exercise. This session will test key principals of response, whilst collaborating with others using the award-winning critical event management platform CQ.

Resource provided: 30 Day Trial of CQ

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* Registration closes 25th June at 12am NZST