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Our Resilience Services

BCPs, Training & Exercises, Technology

Our core Resiliency Services stretch across three areas that have made us market leaders; Business Continuity Plans, Training and Exercise, and Technology Solutions. It is these three offerings that cross many programs we offer New Zealand organisations, providing a chance for people to become both compliant and resilient across all disciplines.

Our Services


Our plans Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) cover four elements critical to a good program; policy and frameworks, threat assessments, business impact analysis and response and recovery plans. All of these are put together by senior, award-winning consultants.

Training & Exercise

With over 200 exercises conducted across the business, you simply do not get more meaningful and engaging sessions as RiskLogic’s. We’ve involved emergency services as well as news outlets in previous sessions while ensuring the objective & outcome is clear.

Technology Solutions

Our on-ground experts who live and breathe everything we do directly contributed to our technology. They provided insight from clients and market trends into our new award-winning and globally adopted technology; which seamlessly intergrate with our programs.

Not sure where to start?

It’s more common than you might think. We specialise in coming into an organisation of any size, understanding the challenges and providing a professional overview and feedback on areas that need work and support. Often, Leadership Teams and those working on resiliency need a solution they didn’t see before and can be asking for the wrong things.

By contacting our consultant team today, you’ll talk through what we suggest you might need. We do not try to sell programs that don’t work for you, and our no-obligation talk is there for you to see what is right today.