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RiskLogic Releases the CQ Crisis Management Program

RiskLogic has been researching demographic activities and behaviours in the crisis management and business continuity fields and found that New Zealand organisations want simplified but effective programs at affordable prices.

The three main wants we uncovered for a program are:

  1. Easy to adopt and maintain
  2. Effective and relevant to the organisation
  3. Affordable

RiskLogic has looked to fill a gap in the market and answer the need for an adoptable, efficient program.

Introducing the  CQ Crisis Management Program.

How it works


Being crisis ready is a commercial responsibility that requires confidence for any crisis. With the CQ Program, being crisis ready is a necessity.

To help combat the common challenges and keep effective in your resilience journey, we broke our program down into three, simple steps:

1. PLANNING | Online crisis management plan

With technology being such an important asset in 2019, CQCommand is the essential tool for a smart and structured approach to a crisis. You’ll get to experience how our technology solutions fit into the wider crisis management lifecycle on this program.

The objective being a more proactive approach to managing a crisis and the activities it generates. You will develop advanced situational awareness of the severity and impacts of the event while being able to monitor social media in real-time. Not to mention the ability to collaborate and communicate more effectively than ever before.

This is just the first step.

Validating Crisis managment cqcommand

2. TRAINING | CQ Crisis Training Program

The CQ Crisis Training Program is an industry first crisis management training course designed to develop crisis capabilities and target leadership teams to be more effective.

Utilising leading-edge research in crisis response, media management, organisational psychology, leadership, critical incident stress and other key disciplines, your leadership team can remain confident in the highest-stress scenarios.

It will cover:

  • Fundamentals of crisis management
  • Planning for a crisis
  • The crisis leader
  • Decision making under stress
  • Crisis communication
  • Human aspects of a crisis
  • Personal Resilience
  • Assessing crisis impacts
  • Stakeholder management
  • Media management
Crisis Management Training

3. VALIDATION | CQ Scenario Exercise

The only way to build confidence in your ability to manage a crisis is through realistic hands-on scenario exercises.

Our CQ Scenario Exercises provides an unmatched environment to immerse teams in the realities of a crisis situation allowing them to practice situations while you assess plans and processes.

We will cover:

  • Identifying areas of program improvement
  • Familiarising teams with their roles and toolsets
  • Significantly increase program engagement
  • Provide independent assurance of your capability

What it provides

 RiskLogic often sees professionals implement an ineffective program not specifically designed to their objectives and culture.

With the CQ CMP, we provide you with a simple solution to Crisis Management that is affordable and consistent year on year with fast setup and internationally recognised support from RiskLogic.

This includes:

  • Pricing: we’ve simplified it to monthly invoices starting at $999 NZD.
  • Program length: A fixed 36 months allows your program to remain consistent with no hidden fees.
  • Support: a team of IT professionals, senior consultants and trainers from crisis, business continuity and emergency management on-call and implementing your program with you.
  • Setup: Immediate setup allows you to tick off your to-do list much faster and have the major hurdle of crisis management covered in half the time.

By simplifying this process, RiskLogic has found organisations now have more scope for designing internal crisis culture and warden training. Tabletop exercises become more frequent with teams becoming more passionate about their roles.


The CQ Crisis Management Program by RiskLogic is available now.

You can contact us directly with any questions and how we can streamline your set up process now; even having you ready for February and the uncertain year ahead.

To register your interest and schedule a 1-2-1 conversation with our leading Senior Consultant, please enter your details below:

For more information on this innovative program, visit our webpage here.

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