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Tactical & Strategic Response | Webinar Review

On November 21st and 28th, the team over at our Sydney HQ, conducted two webinars focused on the first crucial steps to a resilient organisation: tactical emergency management and strategic crisis response.

RiskLogic has forecasted the need for dramatic change around how organisations manage the complex nature of events in 2019. There are many different types of emergencies and events, it’s understandable that leaders are feeling overwhelmed.

These two webinars focused on how professionals are utilising technology, to handle an event more efficiently, whilst being able to communicate and coordinate faster than they ever have.

In the new year, we will see increased interest and adoption of technology as we have in other industries. Despite this being an added extension to how we handle events, it’s important to remember that a well-trained individual will always be your most important asset during a crisis.

In both webinars, a live panel discussed in detail how our clients are utilising good practice guidelines to effectively handle even the toughest events.

New Zealand specifically has a strong interest in and connection to Emergency Management (EM). Solutions on the most effective EM programs are frequently searched online with interest in CIMS training being the influencer to that.

On November 21st, the team at FirstAction (RiskLogic’s emergency management sister company), presented their webinar on how their game-changing app, Activate is supporting organisations during an emergency.

This impressive, innovative app can provide wardens and emergency controllers the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the situation, no matter where they are. To add, its reporting, evacuation system and dashboard capabilities have provided Australian and New Zealand organisations a huge leg up when in an event.

Using real case studies, the team talk about why mass-communication and technology will change the way we face an emergency in 2019.

You can watch the full webinar again here.

During our Crisis response webinar on the 28th, the team talked about how crisis events typically unfold, the critical ingredients of an effective strategic response and how the technology application – CQCommand, is empowering leaders to proactively assess, escalate and get ahead of large-scale crisis situations.

You can watch the full webinar again and read the FAQs here.

Due to the response, RiskLogic and FirstAction will continue to run webinars throughout 2019, discussing all the key areas of resilience and new, strategic processes that are helping hundreds of organisations around the world.

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