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The CQ Crisis Management Program: Planning

Organisations in Australasia today are underprepared for tomorrow’s crisis.


The lack of crisis readiness is evident across most sectors of the economy and undermines the stability of many organisations. It presents a significant risk to an entity’s reputation, market share, financial stability and regulatory compliance.

Crisis management has traditionally been the domain of public relations specialists, addressing communications and media in isolation. Although integral, these components alone do not provide enough level of crisis readiness. Often ignored, it is now trending as a vague, but important implementation for the likes of board members and investors.

With insurance premiums set to rise and reputational impacts a key target from media, 2019 will be a challenging year to remain prepared.

To combat this, the right tools to execute a plan under severe pressure is required. In step one of our three-part CQ Crisis Management Program (CQ-CMP), crisis teams are introduced to the industry-leading tool, CQCommand.

The implementation

Every organisation needs a smart, structured approach for managing crisis events, and more importantly, the tools to execute a plan under pressure. As professionals, we constantly investigate the smoothest and most effective technology to combat our daily hurdles.

CQCommand is the first online tool that empowers you to make the right business decisions during a crisis.

In this program, CQCommand will help your management team:

  • Proactively Manage Crisis Events
  • Developed Situational Awareness
  • Collaborate and Communicate

As part of our new CQ-CMP offering, RiskLogic provides your organisation a chance to utilise this software with your crisis team as part of the overall package. This is then aligned to the wider Crisis Management strategy allowing a full lifecycle of resilience.

A new solution for New Zealand organisations

The CQ-CMP is a trilogy of leading crisis management services forged from years of real-world experiences. It is New Zealand’s first and only full-service, crisis management program.

It will help contribute to you building the tools, team capability and organisational experience to deal with every eventuality in 2019. With no upfront costs, it is an easily onboarded program that can answer many of your stakeholders’ concerns in one, simple process.

The CQ Crisis Management Program has been packaged to maximise effectiveness and drive engagement for your organisation allowing you to concentrate on the future of your organisation.

To learn more, visit our page here, or contact us to learn more about how it can support your objectives.

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