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The CQ Crisis Management Program: Training

Any Crisis, Business Continuity or Incident Management Plan is only as good as the team using it during a crisis.

It’s all about the people.

Don’t just train your primary Team Leaders, train the whole team, as well as reserve staff. Traditionally, Crisis Team Members were expected to provide effective leadership during an incident with little or no Crisis Management Training. The impacts of stress, interference, poor information and escalating events means that this approach is no longer considered acceptable, nor is it enough to manage a major incident effectively.

The Importance of Crisis Intelligence

It is critical to develop the crisis capabilities of senior managers through a program that builds awareness, critical skills and leadership capabilities using the latest experiential learning techniques.  It’s about developing Crisis Intelligence.

Many senior members of your team are not trained in a crisis role, and few have the right experience to manage the pressure. With our CQ CMP, we’re able to hone in on individuals and their unique competencies to ensure maximum effectiveness during an event.

Decades of extensive research

The CQ Crisis Leadership Development Program is Step 2 of our 3-part trilogy of leading crisis management services.

Forged from decades of real-world experiences and professional knowledge, the CQ Crisis Training Program is an industry-first and a program built with guidance from psychological experts; meaning its modules are more advanced than anything on the market today.

A crisis management training course targeted at executive management teams. There are 10 modules to choose from, including:

  • Fundamentals of crisis management
  • Decision making under stress
  • Human aspects of a crisis
  • Stakeholder management
  • Media management (crisis communications)

With no upfront cost, the CQ Crisis Management Program has been packaged to maximise effectiveness and drive engagement for your organisation at a fraction of the time.

Follow the link for more information and book a call today.

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