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The CQ Crisis Management Program: Validation

You’ll experience firsthand the impact of not validating plans when a crisis occurs.

The final professional practice of the Crisis Management and Business Continuity Lifecycle is validation.

Although it is the last step, it is arguably the most important and is regularly put on hold due to other commitments or budget constraints.

Failure to complete a validation is an indication of an incomplete program and is often the reason for organisations failing during an event – despite having a plan.

A crisis plan should be considered a draft until it is validated through a scenario exercise.

Likewise, it is an unrealistic expectation that a response team can be effective in a real event without validating the plan and the team who will be using it through realistic scenario exercises.

You should be utilising controlled environments

To significantly increase program engagement, your team must be put through the test to experience a variety of outcomes.

The opportunity to immerse teams into the realities of a major incident or crisis is one of the single most important activities to help build capability and engagement for your program.

We can help you build a simulated environment that reflects your unique business operations, ensuring a comprehensive and unforgettable learning experience for participants and a practice ground for when a similar event does occur.

Finalising your lifecycle

The CQ Scenario Exercise Program is step 3 of our 3-part trilogy of leading crisis management services and is forged from decades of real-world experiences.

RiskLogic provides a wide range of scenario exercise services for clients, whether it is Business Continuity, Resilience Training, Crisis Management, Major Incident Management or combined focus; all over table-top. Common scenarios include:

  • Cyber security
  • Privacy/data breach
  • Physical disaster
  • Severe weather incident
  • Gas leak/Explosion
  • Infectious Disease
  • Lone Wolf
  • Active Shooter
  • Supply chain disruption

With the CQ Crisis Management Program, there are no upfront cost, The package has been designed to maximise effectiveness and drive engagement for your organisation from the get-go.

Follow the link for more information and book a call today.

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